Remedial Massage Therapy 

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Relaxation Massage

It is often highly underestimated how important relaxation is to a person's health. As stress, anxiety, depression and chronic diseases are very common nowadays, calming the body is essential to the wellbeing of not only sufferers, but also anybody for general health and preventative care - as we all know, stress makes us sick. 

Relaxation massage is a more gentle, rhythmic and flowing style of massage. It promotes relaxation and offers various benefits to the human body. On top of feeling amazing, it increases circulation, lowers blood pressure and can reduce muscle tension and pain. Relaxation, in general, has an effect of reducing stress and mental health symptoms including those of depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Bringing the body and tissues into a state of relaxation calms the nervous system and releases endorphin, which has an analgesic (pain relieving) effect. 
Stress is reduced by decreasing levels of hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol, and norepinephrine. 
Regular massage improves sleeping patterns in quantity and quality by relaxing the body and reducing general pain. 

A relaxation massage treatment includes a consultation prior to the massage, but is not focused on examining the physical state of the client's body. This massage is adjusted to the client's preferred pressure but is generally on the lighter side in order to calm the client. A relaxation massage can include the whole body or any specific areas that are requested by the client. 

Since we turn away other patients to hold your appointment, any missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in acancellation charge. If you need to cancel your appointment within 24 hours due to illness, we will gladly reschedule your appointment and waive the cancellation fee of $45.00.