Remedial Massage Therapy 

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Infant Massage Classes

What are Infant Massage Classes about?
These classes involve a Certified Infant Massage Instructor teaching parents how to massage their own baby or toddler. The classes are split into 4 1hour sessions to cover various important details to massaging their baby, including appropriate oils, contraindications, the massage routine, specific massages for conditions such as colic and more.

Benefits of Infant Massage:
There are many benefits of regular massage for an infant, physically, emotionally, and mentally. These include:
- Relaxes muscles
- Increases blood and Lymphatic circulation
- Reduces anxiety and improves alertness
- Strengthens the immune system
- Improves pulmonary function
- Reduces stress
- Enhances emotions
- Improves sleep
- Increases vagal activity
- Increases weight gain in infants born with low weight
- Enhances habituation
- Enhances motor and cognitive development
- Relives pain, sinus congestion and chest congestion
- Reduces symptoms of eczema
- Reduces crying
- Enhances body awareness
- Speeds brain and nervous system myelination
- Relieves colic, wind and constipation

Benefits for parents:
Infants gain a range of benefits from getting massaged regularly, and so do parents by massaging their baby. These include:
- Enhances attachment and bonding (particularly beneficial for mums who suffer from postnatal depression or psychosis)
- Reduces stress, depressive symptoms and anxiety
- Improves mood and self esteem
- Improves interaction with the baby

As there are numerous general benefits to any baby and parent, massage also provides a range of benefits to babies/toddlers with special needs. 

These can include, and are not limited to:
- Autism
- Cerebral Palsy
- Dermatitis
- Asthma
- Down Syndrome
- Diabetes

Information on class structure:
Classes run over a 4 week period with a 1hour session per week, giving parents the week to practice what they have learnt.

Session 1: $45.00 (includes high quality massage oil to take home)
Session 2: $29.00
Session 3: $29.00
Session 4: $29.00
Total cost: $132.00

The class fees are set per family, not per child - so if you have more than 1 baby, you are welcome to bring them and your partner along. 

Expecting mums are very welcome, too.

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