Remedial Massage Therapy 

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Athlete's Massage

Athlete's massage includes a combination of remedial techniques applied to meet specific needs of the client, which are designed to help the individual reach their goals as an athlete - improving the client's performance in the sport they participate in. Athletes massage includes pain management and is also targeted at musculoskeletal injuries, or just simply muscle soreness. 
Athlete's massage is commonly experienced directly at sports events for pre and post event treatments, although maintenance massages in clinic are also very important to maintain quality function for the athlete. 

Soreness or stiffness from injury or after a heavy workout will decrease the athlete's ability to perform at their peak. Massage relieves muscles tension, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and aids significantly in injury recovery. DOMS is relieved through massage as it reduces lactic acid and metabolic waste (toxins) build-up. 

Consistent massages improve flexibility by stretching shortened muscles and softening taught fibres, which increases range of motion and also provides a greater ease in motion. 
For an athlete to perform to their full potential, they must have a high degree of flexibility and good biomechanics. Both are affected by pain, stiffness, injury and muscle tension. This is because the athlete will then avoid using the affected muscles and overuse the compensating muscle group. 
In an athlete's massage treatment, the therapist will assess the balance of the muscles by testing the lengths, soreness, tightness etc. The massage is focused to relieve pain, treat injuries and conditions, improve circulation, and increase flexibility and range of motion. This all works together to improve the athlete's ease in using better biomechanics that will decrease their risk in injury. 

An athlete's massage treatment will include consultation and assessment prior to the massage to determine the most effective treatment strategy and to analyse changes and improvements. The therapist will also construct an ongoing treatment plan based specifically on the client's needs. 
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